Robin M. Fleming

Robin is a prolific multimedia artist whose creations include sculpture, jewelry, and fabric design. She is also an accomplished graphic designer whose life-long career has included high profile courtroom renderings, both traditional and contemporary advertisements, as well as commercial and artistic creations. Her influences include her world travels, the evidence of which is seen throughout her sculpture, fabric, and jewelry designs. She favors a contemporary and bold design aesthetic with a playful twist. 

Throughout her varied career, Robin’s clients have included major newspapers, upscale department stores, boutique shops and discriminating private collectors. Her favorite creations, her three daughters, are shared with her husband, Bill. The four of them have been her travel companions, inspirations and most honest critics. 

Educated in California, Robin’s adventures have taken her and her family from Alaska and Colorado to Malaysia, Singapore, and Germany. Her travels have also included various locations throughout Europe and Asia. Her work is a rich melding of these global influences and always evolving and incorporating new influences and experiences.

When not off exploring, Robin lives and works from her Cedarburg, Wisconsin studio.